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Project 8: Help to Aashraya Seva Trust running home for aged women

Aashraya Seva Trust ,No.135, K Block, Dr. Rajkumar Road, Rajajinagar, Bangalore-560 010- www.aashrayasevatrust.org Tel- 91+ 9845909777

Another NGO Aashraya Seva Trust in Rajajinagar runs an old age home for women for the past 8 years. This place currently has over 40 elderly ladies some of who are dementia affected too. Half of them do not pay anything for boarding or lodging and have none to care for them though some have their children who unfortunately do not take care. The others pay some small amounts with Rs 2,200/- being the highest monthly contribution being the pension amount drawn. It is heart breaking story that some of them have to narrate. This house manages with voluntary donations from public for rent and other expenses. They have 3 paid maids for doing the cooking and cleaning while some able bodied ladies also help out. They stay in a dormitory type accommodation in 2 floors and food is served in the same room. Few who can venture to walk go out for a walk in the nearby park in the evenings.

In addition there are 5 girls who are studying in Std to 2nd PUC . The girl doing her PUC joined there to work as her mother who has 7 seven children was not able to support. Seeing the girl’s interest in studies, Aashraya has admitted her to School and now she is in College. How inspiring.

New Year being a time for rejoicing, the inmates were given a new saree, nighty or dress to each of them costing about Rs 10,000/- in end Dec 2011

Project 8A: Ration Cards

While talking to Ms Rani who runs Aashraya, Rajajinagar, she mentioned about their unsuccessful efforts to get Ration Cards for the inmates. Shraddha Associate Ramni has volunteered to try and help out in getting this arranged for few inmates who have some records of them.

Project 8B: Canteen Burner & Cots

It was also understood that Aashraya could benefit by having a canteen burner which is basically a gas stove with a larger base with 2 burners as used in hotels which makes cooking faster as larger quantity is needed for their cooking. In addition 2 inmates do not have cots and as all their cots are iron cots, they desired for similar cots if possible. Luckily for them, we had well wishers in St Michael’s School children who desired to donate some things and they have agreed to this request and same were handed over in end Jan 2012.

Project 9:
Blood Donation Camp at Nagasandra, Peenya on Sun 5th Feb 2012

A Blood Donation Camp was held at Best Academy, Nagasandra on 5th Feb 2012 where 33 persons donated blood. Thanks to Ms Ramni, Ramadevi and Best Academy for their active support which made this camp possible.

Project 10: Helping 18 year old Deekshitha R for kidney transplant.

18 year old Deekshitha R was born with one kidney underdeveloped which was not known as the second kidney took care of her. The functioning kidney failed a few months back and she has been on treatment and dialysis and after tests adviced to go for a kidney transplant. Student of PUC, she has been unable to attend classes. Hailing from Kolar District, they have temporarily taken up a place in Bangalore for the treatment. Her Father works as a Security
Guard and the family has great difficulty in meeting this financial liability. They were trying all sources as there was a chance for the girl to lead a near normal life post transplant,
Her father Sri Ramachandra Reddy G has come forward to donate one kidney of his and tests were being done at St John’s Medical College Hospital, Bangalore under Hospital No 2896990. The cost for this comes to Rs 3,72,000/- there inclusive of one year’s post transplant medication which is a very heavy amount for this family.Hence they started approaching people for financial help and the family approached Lions Club of Bangalore Sanjaynagar and Shraddha Foundation. We tried to have this done at Victoria Hospital (Govt Hospital) but sadly Victoria are able to do the same and hence the option was to continue and try at St John’s Hospital itself where a series of tests continued and the indication was that the transplant could be done there and if successful the young girl can lead a near normal life. The total cost for the transplant and for one year post transplant medication would be Rs 3,72,000/- in addition to what they are incurring for the tests and ongoing dialysis . We are happy to state that friends and wellwishers of ours came forward and donated approximately Rs. 2.75 lakhs.

Following the final medical reports of the hospital and the government clearance for the transplant was got on 07/07/2012. The father and daughter were admitted to the hospital on 16/07/2012. The transplant was done 18/07/2012. The father was discharged on 22/07/2012 while the daughter had to remain for about two months in the hospital undergoing various tests to monitor her kidney and other functions. She was discharged on 12/09/2012. This photograph was taken on the day of discharge. Her father, who was the kidney donor Sri Ramachandra Reddy G along with his wife and recipiant, daughter Deekshitha are seen with Mr. Alphonse Kurian, Founder Trustee of Shraddha Foundation.Deekshitha has to take medicines worth about Rs. 10,000/- per month which has reduced to about Rs. 7000/- per month now is being given by us since October 2012.

Her progress is well and it is a pleasure to inform that she has taken admission for 2ndYear PUC at Lowry Memorial Pre University College, Bangalore 16 which is close to her and the Management of the College reduced the fee payable to Rs 19,800/- payable in 3 installments. We have paid two Installment totaling to Rs 12,000/-.

In between she had an infection and needed hospitalization twice and hence unexpected additional expenditure. We paid St John’s Hospital additional Rs 20,000/-.

We thank all wellwisher friends and in particular Sri. Mahadevan whose contacts gave us 2/3 of the amount. This was a very satisfiying experience. Her father has rejoined his duties as security guard since November 2012.

Project 11: Rainbow Home

Need Base India, a NGO runs the Rainbow Home at Vidyaranyapura. They operate from Government Model Higher Prinary School, Doddabettahalli, Vidyaranyapura Post where the Department has permitted them to use the premises as a residential place for girl children aged between about 3 to 18. They attend that Anganwadi/Govt School till 7th Std and go to neighbouring Govt Schools after 7th Std. While few inmates are orphans, majority are children of single parents or drug addicts etc. It is a pleasure to see the innocence and joy in the kids when one visits there. Paid lady staff are looking after the inmates 24/7. Through Lions Club of Bangalore Sanjaynagar we had a total of 3 medical check up champs for the kids and medicines prescribed got as an ongoing activity. We from Shraddha Foundation sponsored 4 litres milk per day for Feb and March 2013 for which Rs 7,680/- was given. As they had a difficulty in storing water, a few relatives and friends made some contributions and we were able to give Rs 50,000/- on 20th April 2013 for this based on which they could construct a underground water tank.

With the new school year on, they requested for some note books, pencils, erasers, rubbers, and school bags. We were able to get them the full quantity asked for with contribution in kind and cash from our well wishers which would have costed totally approx Rs 6,000/- and same was handed over on 5th Oct 2013.

A TV and DVD player was presented for the 50 odd girls of Rainbow Home at Doddabettahalli, Bangalore on 30th Nov 2013. The joy on the faces of the kids was something to be seen. THANKS to the donors for making this possible and the prayers of the children are there for them.

Project 12: Government Blind School, Olesha, Kottayam

This 50 year old Govt establishment has 30 visually impaired students. 28 are boarders while 2 are day scholars. They teach till 7th Std and students from 8th Std go to another Govt School and study with the normal children. That School has a Resource Faculty to help these students after class.

This year the School has 4 students who after passing Std 10 have been admitted to Std XI at Sacred Heart School, SH Mount, Kottayam. Due to difficulty of commuting, the Head Master who is also visually impaired is sending the children in an auto rickshaw for safety as direct bus connectivity is not there. The auto charges is Rs 120/- one way and the same auto will bring back the children after school. The monthly expenditure for this would come to approx Rs6000/- per month for 4 children and we have been contributing Rs 1,500/- per month from Aug 2013.

Project 13: Physically challenged Rekha from Nelamangala

23 year old Rekha, paralysed on both legs is looked after by her mother, (a widow) and her grand parents-all daily wage earners. She somehow studied upto Std 10 and has an younger sister who is also similarly paralysed. 2 other siblings are normal. The family leaves in a tiny shack.

Hearing of this a group of like minded persons from an office from Bangalore visited the family and took a video which viewing will give us a scare on how they manage. They got in touch with The Association of People with Disability, Lingarajapuram, Bangalore and have been able to put her there for a 3 month Fundamental Course where she will get physiotheraphy, vocational guidance and moral support. Hopefully after that she can join for a 3 month data entry OR call centre course. We were then contacted by them.

Hearing the case and seeing the video, we have supported with Rs 3,500/- on 24th Sep 2013 towards the subsidized Foundation Course Fee of APD for her. Monthly mess fee is being sponsored by the well wishers of the group of friends.